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Everybody Sucks On Day One

  • August 23, 2015

Alien Life Form

“No Problem!”

– Alf (usually said while ignoring a problem)

And yes, I mean everybody, even YOU. Take it from me- I know from experience. Read more...

The Five Stages Of Audition Grief

  • August 9, 2015


“Ain’t no shame in holding on to grief, as long as you make room for other things, too.”

– Bubbles, “The Wire”


Recently, I auditioned for a project that I was sure I’d book. I hit all the right notes, lifted the right words off the page in the right places, and just did a downright bomb ass job. After I sent the audition in, I began clearing my schedule, waiting on my agent to let me know that I booked the job & the check would be in the mail soon… Read more...